Sunday, April 21, 2013

Invisible Propaganda, Continued (Endlessly)

In his last post, the Recovering Bureaucrat took on the tedious task of fisking just one day’s editorial page liberal-left propagandizing at the medium-market Sacramento Bee.  As a brief follow-up, the RB notes that today’s opinion section offers yet another example of the way the scribes of the Church of the All Powerful State presume that their point of view is the only correct one.

The lead editorial by conventional liberal Dan Morain presents the Church’s position on California’s “green chemistry” regulatory adventure, just the latest paternalistic intervention into the private lives of the citizenry by our state’s ruling nomenklatura.  The very label “green chemistry” is another Orwellian linguistic syrup designed to help the progressive agenda go down smoother.  The ostensible aim of the initiative is to force “manufacturers of consumer products find alternatives to ingredients that are linked to cancer, are reproductive toxins or otherwise despoil the planet.”

The assumption is that all those evil chemicals (some 84,000, according to Mr. Morain) inundating us can be transformed into benign and “eco-friendly” compounds without pain.  Unfortunately, greedy and callous capitalists who use the bad ones, fronted by such nasty organizations like the American Chemistry Council, will have to be forced to make that happen.

The good guys, supported by the Democrats in the state legislature and green poseur former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, offer the standard progressive formula: give power to regulate chemical usage and rearrange this sector of the state’s economy to another unelected body of “experts,” in this case the Department of Toxic Substances Control along with Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Invisible Propaganda

The Editorial Board of the New York Times-wannabe Sacramento Bee offers in its most recent Sunday edition yet another course on the leftist credo of the Church of the All Powerful State. 

Its “California Forum” section front page is dominated by a huge story and editorial cartoon on “Why we need food stamps,” occupying 2/3 of the front page.  (It’s humorously disguised as “Views on food: an occasional series.”)  Inside we find an opinion piece from Leonard Pitts, Jr., of the Miami Herald, entitled “At Easter, heed call to save the children.”  The “Viewpoints” page carries an article by Ann Notthoff, California advocacy director for the National Resources Defense Council, called “Senate set to gut nation’s key law that safeguards the environment.” On the back page, the Editorial Board itself posts an editorial opining that “Sequester cuts could add to homelessness.”  And finally, not to be out-libbed by the writers, the editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman draws up a cartoon entitled “New York Stockton Exchange” blaming Wall Street bankers for Stockton’s looming bankruptcy.

The rest of the section is filled with fluff pieces and anodyne exhortations for better public behavior (e.g., “California must vet various operating models for its struggling state parks”).  Nowhere will you find a single article, opinion piece, editorial, or cartoon speaking for our founding American principles.  Dissent is airbrushed out behind an avalanche of politically correct posturing.

The Recovering Bureaucrat occasionally takes on the tedious task of fisking these assaults on careful thinking and analysis because it is the relentless and ubiquitous nature of these statist opinions that have over the past forty years helped shape public hostility to our founding American principles of limited government, individual freedom, and consent of the governed. 

Multiply this single editorial section of a single newspaper in a medium-sized market by 52 weeks a year and by all the media markets in the country; add in the worldview of the major television networks and their endless propagandizing; and finally figure in forty years of the dumbing down of academia and you arrive at a mass culture that assumes that the belief system of the Church of the All Powerful State is the only appropriate one.